Theres Never Been A Better Time To Switch

As MatrixCare Continues to Gain Momentum in the Marketplace, Cantata Steadily Declines.

Amidst the ongoing challenges and changes to the senior care industry, LTPAC owners and operators are not only able to survive—but thrive—when they can manage their business effectively.

To be successful, EHR technology providers must stay in front of evolving expectations and offer solutions that address the increasing regulatory and financial pressures, as well as continued progress toward a value-based payment system.

MatrixCare’s dedicated staff and heavy investment in product development ensures the functionality required to adhere to quality mandates is delivered when you need it. A financially stable and reliable EHR technology provider with consistent leadership, MatrixCare helps ensure your ability to outperform.

When competitors like Cantata cannot meet or exceed expectations like these, it’s no surprise their users switch to MatrixCare.

See How MatrixCare Compares to Cantata

US Skilled Nursing Market Share Growth
Q1-2016 to Q1-2018

See how MatrixCare Compares to Cantata

Source: CMS MDS Submission Vendor File Dates – 02/01/2018, 02/01/2016

Product Development Key Indicators – Long-Term Care
1-9 scale

Product Development Key Indicators

Source: KLAS Continuum of Care Report, page 31, October 2017

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