The MatrixCare Enterprise Formula

MatrixCare-Powered Providers Outperform with the MatrixCare Enterprise Formula

Amidst the ongoing challenges associated with national healthcare reform, narrowing networks, reimbursement pressures and skilled worker shortages, LTPAC providers are faced with either proactively navigating the changing landscape or losing business to someone else who does.

MatrixCare is the premier partner with the right experience to help guide you in this ever-changing space. Let us show you the way to profitability in a fee-for-value world. Choose the MatrixCare path, where leading is succeeding.

McKnights: LTPAC Fork in the Road

Learn more about LTPAC’s “Fork in the Road” from CEO, John Damgaard

The Proof

Readmission rates by EHR

Source: CMS February 2018; Potentially Preventable 30-Day Post-Discharge Readmission Measure – MatrixCare Elite Package

US Skilled Nursing Five Star Ratings EHR

Source: CMS File Date 1/1/2018, Average Overall Five Star Rating, % of Facilities at 5 Stars, MatrixCare Elite Package

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