"Best in KLAS" is both an honor and an obligation. Based on customer feedback, it's evidence that we keep our promises...

“In my experience, when MatrixCare says they are going to make something happen, that thing happens.”

- VP/Other Executive, September 2017*

…That as a MatrixCare-powered provider, you will outperform your peers on quality measures:

“MatrixCare is a very robust product for A/R and billing. On the clinical side, the vendor has their MDS updates ready more quickly than anybody else. There is a feature to use open care plans, and we can use that to do our own plans and assign the care test to the nursing assistants working at the point of care. That has really streamlined the process.”

- Analyst/Coordinator, November 2017*

…That MatrixCare is easy to use:

“MatrixCare is very user friendly. When we have new staff members come in, it takes very little time to orient and train them.”

- Nurse, May 2017*

…That MatrixCare will connect to the other systems you rely on:

“The data that our therapy partner shares with us goes directly into the electronic medical record in MatrixCare. There is not an outside portal. We get the data with a messaging-oriented direct feed. The data is not going through a broker; it goes from data center to data center and uses encrypted messaging. Clinicians always have access to the patient data that they need.”

- CIO, Sept. 2017*

…And that we're committed to your success:

“Everybody has room for improvement, but I have never had a bad experience with getting support from MatrixCare. They are attentive, polite, and professional. They listen to what our problem is and take time to look into it. They get back to us. That is exactly what support is supposed to be. I have a very good relationship with MatrixCare. I have a fantastic account manager. Whenever I reach out and have issues or ideas, my account manager gets on them right away.”

- Director, January 2018*

MatrixCare's mission is to leverage technology to improve the lives of America's seniors and those who care for them. We're honored to have earned Best in KLAS recognition two years in a row and are committed to delighting and empowering our customers for many years to come.


Learn why the industry is calling MatrixCare “the clear leader in a crowded field” and how we can help your organization survive and thrive in a changing healthcare landscape.


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*Selected commentary from MatrixCare customers about MatrixCare LTC, Mar. 2017 to Jan. 2018. For a complete view